Some of our recent medical negligence cases involving babies and children.

Maternity Care: Patient Safety and the Cost to the NHS

Many English maternity units are not meeting safety standards putting mothers and babies at risk of injury and serious harm. The BBC reports that statistics produced by the Care Quality Commission indicate that more than [...]

Failure to prescribe human growth hormone

We have been acting for the parents of a young woman aged 22 (lacking capacity so she is a protected party) in connection with a clinical negligence claim against the Mid Staffs Hospital arising from treatment she receiv [...]

In memory of Baby Hunter

Seamus Edney at S J Edney Solicitors is acting for a Miss Maisie Price, the mother of baby Hunter who sadly died on 14 August 2019 aged only three months. She and her partner are unhappy with treatment Hunter received fr [...]

The dangers of meningitis

Seamus Edney at S J Edney Solicitors is acting for the parents of Master Elliott Morley (now aged 8) in connection with a claim for clinical negligence against Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust arising from tr [...]

Death of new-born baby with Strep B infection £32,500

In this tragic case, as a result of inadequate APGAR assessments, our clients’ daughter, baby S, was not noticed to have signs of breathing difficulty until 25 minutes after her birth. Once the breathing difficulties wer [...]

Delayed diagnosis of anorexia nervosa £100,000

Our client, who was already under the care of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team, when he began to develop an emerging eating disorder. Despite concerns raised by him and his family, the Mental Health Team decid [...]

Surgeon operates on wrong finger £15,000

On 16th October 2011, one of our clients was gardening with his parents at their home when a thorn went into his right ring finger. He attended the A & E department at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire. Due t [...]

Wrong surgery carried out causes PTSD £12,000

We acted for the mother of a young boy (who was only aged 2 at the time) who had been diagnosed with a hydrocele (a fluid collection in the sac surrounding the testicles in the scrotum). He underwent surgery to remedy th [...]

RTA case won at Trial £25,000

We acted for a young man (aged 15 at the time of his accident) who was involved in a road accident during October 2009. His personal injury claim was vigorously contested by the insurers of the driver and this matter eve [...]

Criminal Injuries Compensation Award £32,000

We acted for the parents of a young man (aged 13) who suffered a horrific injury in March 2012. Briefly, he and three other boys were returning from their school in Swindon. They began to play around and one of the boys [...]

Child injured at hotel £9,250

We acted for the parents of a young lad (only aged 8 at the time of his accident) who suffered an injury to his right hand during July 2012. On the day in question, he was sitting in a changing room at a hotel in Swindon [...]

Accident at an indoor soft play centre £6,000

We acted for the mother of a delightful young lady (only aged 10) who was involved in accident in Swindon during October 2011. On the day in question, she was playing in a play area owned by the Defendant when she swung [...]

Road traffic accident in Oxford £9,900

We acted for a young woman (only aged 17 at the time of her accident) who was involved in a road traffic accident during August 2010. She was driving her car in Oxford and as she attempted to exit a roundabout, another v [...]

Accident at a play centre involving a young child £3,250

We acted for a delightful young man (aged only 3 at the time of his accident) who was playing in a soft play area in an adventure centre owned by a company in Swindon, when, he fell from the top of some padded steps, lan [...]

Accident whilst on holiday abroad £4,500

We acted for the parents of a young girl who was only aged 6 at the time of her accident. Briefly, during March 2010, her parents had booked a holiday with Thomas Cook staying at a resort in Turkey. The contract provided [...]

Mother and child involved in RTA £28,000

We acted for a mother (aged 40) and her young son (aged 8) who were both involved in a road accident during October 2007 just outside Gloucester. Our client was driving and her little boy was a rear seat passenger. At on [...]

Road accident causing brain injury

We are acting for a young man (now aged 17) who was involved in a road accident in Gloucester during May 2007. His parents had consulted another solicitor and were told that their son did not have a personal injury claim [...]

Poor care leading to death of a child £35,000

In this tragic case, we acted for a client (aged 28) who was admitted to Great Western Hospital during March 2010 in order to give birth to her first child, a son, who was eventually delivered by way of forceps. He was i [...]

Fracture of the tibia and fibula £8,500

We acted for the parents of a young man (who was only aged 12) who was a member of his local football club. During September 2008, after training had finished for the evening, he and his team mates were running around th [...]

Injury to boy’s foot £5,000

We acted for an 11-year-old boy who sustained an injury to his right foot in an accident in June 2008 whilst playing close to his home. Briefly, he and two of his friends were playing on a grass verge beside a new un-ado [...]

RTA involving a young teenager £29,250

We acted for a young lady (aged 14) who during September 2007 was attempting to cross a pedestrian crossing in Swindon whilst going to school. She was then knocked over by a Thamesdown Transport bus which caused her to b [...]

Brachial Plexus injury causing an Erb’s Palsy £205,000

We had the pleasure in acting for the parents of a small child (who is now aged 4) who suffered a disability following his delivery at the Homerton University Hospital in London in June 2004. His delivery had been compli [...]

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