Fractured hip and dislocated shoulder from falling off bike £21,000

We acted for a gentleman in his 80s who suffered a fractured hip and dislocation of his shoulder, when he fell from his bicycle whilst being chased by a dog in a park. His shoulder relocated itself, but he had to undergo total hip replacement surgery, from which he made excellent progress. The Defen [...]

19th February 2014|

Ankle injury for farm worker £31,000

 Our Client (aged 59), a farm worker, was kicked by a young calf in a holding pen whilst at work. He suffered a fracture to his ankle and damage to the ligament and cartilage. He was left with some permanent minor symptoms and was likely to develop degenerative joint disease a few years earlier than [...]

19th February 2014|

Collision with a foxhound £35,000

We acted for a cyclist (aged 63) who was cycling along a country lane near to Cheltenham, Glos during June 2011, when a foxhound from a farmers hunt accidentally collided with his bicycle, causing him to fall to the ground and fracture his left shoulder. It was a serious fracture and he was admitted [...]

19th February 2012|
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