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The dangers of meningitis

Seamus Edney at S J Edney Solicitors is acting for the parents of Master Elliott Morley (now aged 8) in connection with a claim for clinical negligence against Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust arising from treatment which he received at Great Western Hospital on the 28 June 2014 when he [...]

28th August 2020|

Hospital delay in diagnosis of a knee fracture

We have been acting for a client (now aged 62) who was unhappy with treatment which she received at the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) run by Greenbrook Healthcare at the Princess Royal Hospital (the Hospital) in Farnborough, Kent arising from treatment she received during July 2017. Events giving rise to [...]

19th May 2020|

Ischaemic stroke caused by delayed diagnosis of perforated colon

We acted for a client in a claim for personal injury, loss and damage as a result of a clinical negligence. He is a patient and brought this action by his wife and Litigation Friend. Between the 11 March and 03 April 2010, our client (who was then aged 46), was under the care of the medical and nurs [...]

7th May 2020|

Rare Neglect Verdict at Inquest & Medical Negligence Claim

S J Edney solicitors were instructed to represent the family of an elderly lady (‘H’) who was in her 80’s, in connection with an Inquest after her death and subsequent clinical negligence claim. H had an enterocutaneous abdominal fistula secondary to earlier laparotomy surgeries.

6th January 2020|

Hospital missed spinal fracture in elderly patient

We were initially instructed by the family of an elderly client who sadly died during the course of the case. Briefly, at the material time, the deceased was aged 88. He had multiple co-morbidities and his mental test scores were low, probably because of previous cerebral vascular accidents or strok [...]

17th April 2019|

Hospital-acquired staphylococcus aureus infection from an injection

We have been acting for a delightful elderly gentlemen (now aged 87) in connection with medical negligence claim against Cheltenham General Hospital. Briefly, our client was seen by a consultant at the hospital in December 2015 as he needed to be treated for ongoing triggering of the right little fi [...]

22nd November 2018|

Sub-standard care of a fractured tibia led to compartment syndrome

In a sad case, we had been acting for a client in connection with a claim against Great Western Hospital arising from treatment which his late mother (the deceased) received at the hospital during April 2013. Briefly, in April 2013, the deceased (who was aged 44) had an accident in a park close to h [...]

27th September 2018|

Sub-standard care following bowel surgery causes retracted stoma

This is a clinical negligence claim brought by one of our clients (now aged 44) who was unhappy with medical treatment which she received at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford during January 2013. Briefly she underwent surgery at the hospital following a ruptured bowel. She was not critical of th [...]

27th September 2018|

Serious eye infection following treatment for macular degeneration

We have been acting for a delightful elderly lady (now aged 82) who was unhappy with medical treatment which she received at Great Western Hospital in Swindon during October 2014. Briefly, she suffers from age related macular degeneration.  In October 2014, she received an intravitreal injection of [...]

19th January 2018|
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