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S. J. Edney no win no fee Bristol solicitors specialise in achieving maximum compensation for our medical negligence and personal injury clients.  We are specialist accident and medical negligence solicitors. The vast majority of our clients cases are managed on a no win no fee basis, so there is no financial obligation even if you were to lose your case. clifton suspension bridge

We conduct our own investigation into how the accident or malpractice happened and, if we feel that you have a valid case for an accident claim against a third party, we can begin the legal process on your behalf.

S. J. Edney have industry-leading success rates, therefore we are confident of success from the outset and you could receive significant damages, dependent on the extent of your injuries.

Sometimes, a case will go all the way through the legal process if the other party wishes to contest your claim. It is however more common that this is not necessary, especially if the other party accepts liability and offers a sensible settlement figure for a client’s case before it even reaches court. This applies to both medical negligence and personal injury cases.

From the outset calling S.J. Edney means that you will work with an experienced no win no fee solicitor in Bristol, who is a specialist in personal injury university hospital bristol and medical negligence claims.  We will do our very best to win your case, and achieve the highest possible levels of compensation on your behalf. You can find out about some of our previous successful cases here.

Contact our no win no fee Bristol Solicitors

Need a no win no fee medical negligence solicitor or a specialist in accident claims? Why not call S. J. Edney today on 0800 421 234, so we can discuss the circumstances of your accident.  We deal with medical and accident claims all the time and can usually let you know if you have a likely claim for compensation the first time we talk to you.

We cover a broad range of cases, you can see examples of some of our previous sucessful cases here.   The initial interview is completely free of charge, regardless if we end up representing you or not, so you have nothing to lose! Why not contact us today to see if you may be entitled to compensation.