Brief background

We have been acting for a client (now aged 67) who was involved in a road traffic accident in London in March 2020.

Briefly, our client was walking home with her partner and attempted to cross the road which would take her home. Before crossing and entering the road, our client looked both ways.

As she proceeded to cross the road she was hit by a vehicle which our client later discovered had been parked a short distance up the road and which had pulled out and had then been driven at speed along the road.

The driver of the car was later convicted of driving offences at a Magistrates Court.

She was taken by ambulance to hospital where she underwent surgery for a Pilon fracture of the right ankle with external fixation followed by open reduction internal fixation. Our client also sustained a left knee fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation, a left shoulder fracture which was treated non-operatively and psychological trauma, namely post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our client recovered from the majority of her physical injuries but continued to suffer with pain and discomfort in her right ankle undertaking extensive physiotherapy and with expert medical evidence from an Orthopaedic Surgeon indicating the likelihood of ongoing symptoms, the potential need for future surgery and the provision of an orthotic device to assist.

She underwent trauma focused therapy to assist with her symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder which assisted in alleviating her symptoms from moderately severe to mild to moderate level.

At the time of the accident, she was a senior Lecturer at a University in London and found it difficult to return to work and to maintain her role and accordingly accepted a voluntary redundancy in October 2020. She was aged 64 at the time of the accident and at the time of her redundancy had intended to continue working as a lecturer until aged 70 therefore until May 2026.

Our client was also employed as a Social Work Leadership Coach at the time of the accident and although able to continue working in that capacity nonetheless suffered both past and future loss of earnings as well as a significant pension loss.

Liability for the accident was conceded by the third party insurers and negotiations ensued in an effort to resolve the claim.

Court proceedings were issued in order to protect the claim in March 2023 and following further negotiations between the parties, S J Edney Solicitors were able to resolve the claim for our client in the sum of £200,000.00 including substantial damages for pain and suffering together with reimbursement of past loss of earnings and care and some future loss of earnings, care and pension.

S J Edney solicitors obtained damages for our client of £200,000.00 during 2023

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