Ms Karen Manning

Ms Karen Manning (who was then aged 45) was admitted to the Horton Hospital in Banbury on 23rd July 2003 for a routine hysterectomy. Due to bleeding, a laparotomy and a left salpingo-oophorectomy were required.

After her discharge from the hospital, Ms Manning developed post-operative complications caused by damage to her bowel which, in turn, caused a recto-vaginal fistula and she then underwent a colostomy at this hospital on 12th August 2003.

The Hospital Trust accepted that the fistula and colostomy were caused by sub-standard care which she received from their staff during the operation on 29th July 2003.

She was then transferred to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford under the care of a Professor Neil Mortensen and he attempted to close the recto-vaginal fistula and to repair her small bowel.  The fistula operation was successful but not the bowel surgery.  Further attempts to repair the bowel were made on 13th April 2005 and 12th May 2006 but sadly were unsuccessful.  She has now been left with a permanent colostomy.

The effect of this treatment on Ms Manning’s life has been catastrophic.  Prior to her admission she was a happy and active person.  She now suffers major incontinence which dominates and preoccupies her life.  She is depressed and humiliated by her present condition.  She has been unable to work since 2003.  Her social life and interests have been severely curtailed.

Not surprisingly, Ms Manning recovered substantial damages for her injury.  The good news is that her partner stood by her during this difficult time and they married in 2007.  Everyone at S. J. Edney Solicitors wishes them both all the best for the future.