Walsall Manor Hospital, part of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is recalling over 600 patients who have undergone complex shoulder surgery, specifically a Latarjet procedure, performed by Mr Mian Munawar Shah. According to his LinkedIn profile Mr Shah is a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and has been employed at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust for over 17 years.

During an audit in February 2020 the Trust identified that patients who underwent a Latarjet procedure performed by Mr Shah suffered a higher complication rate than expected. The Trust has confirmed that it is reviewing the medical notes of patients who have undergone this procedure under the care of Mr Shah, to establish whether or not they have been adversely affected.

A Latarjet procedure is is performed where there has been bone loss as a result of repeated shoulder dislocations in order to achieve joint stability and to prevent further dislocations. During the operation, the surgeon transfers bone from the shoulder blade to repair the injured part of the shoulder joint.

Professor David Loughton, Chief Executive of the Trust has apologised to patients who have been “affected as a result of having surgery by Mr Shah”. The Trust has also confirmed that it is not aware of any problems with knee or hip surgery performed by Mr Shah. The Trust has set up a helpline and details of this can be found here: Support for patients during review – Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

The patients potentially affected, according to the Trust, account for only a “small proportion” of Mr Shah’s total patient list and the Trust confirms that Mr Shah has been restricted from carrying out Latarjet procedures since February 2020. In fact, Mr Shah was reported to the General Medical Council some time ago and an interim order was issued by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in February 2020 stopping Mr Shah from performing him Latarjet procedures and shoulder joint replacements without supervision. Mr Shah has since been suspended by the Trust and the Trust’s investigation is ongoing. It is understood that the GMC is also continuing to investigate.

Mr Shah also previously worked at Spire Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield until March 2020. A patient treated by Mr Shah at Spire Little Aston Hospital brought a successful claim against him “after he severed her radial nerve, which left her in terrible pain and unable to lift her arm”. A patient treated at Walsall Manor Hospital, an NHS hospital, suffered complications following the incorrect placement of a screw during surgery leading to chronic pain and a deterioration in her mental health.

If you have been adversely affected by surgery performed by Mr Shah and would like advice or assistance in bringing a claim against him or Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, please contact us on 0800 421 234 or office@sjedney.co.uk. Our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors have over 30 years’ experience and expertise in orthopaedic claims including shoulder surgery and joint replacement.