One of our clients (aged 55) had, from about 2005 until 2008, been exposed to a drug by his employer in Swindon, who are a well-known pharmaceutical company, which caused him to develop allergic contact dermatitis. It took him about 12 months or so before he had fully recovered from his reaction and he had to take some time off work, although he did not suffer any loss of earnings.

He instructed our firm in January 2011 and his employer’s insurers relied on a limitation Defence i.e. he had not submitted his personal injury claim within three years of him first having this allergic reaction, so his claim was now time barred. In other words, he left it too late in which to make a claim. We disagreed as there was a good reason for this delay and we issued proceedings at Swindon County Court. The insurers’ solicitors agreed with us and we were then able to settle his claim.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £2,500 for this client in 2011