Our client, a 45-year-old lady, was referred to her local Nuffield Hospital by her GP, via the ‘Choose and Book’ system, for Anaesthetic injections into a painful shoulder.

During the procedure, the Anaesthetist negligently injected anaesthetic into a nerve, causing our client to temporarily lose sensation in part of her face and have difficulty swallowing. The procedure had to be abandoned and she later underwent a successful, second, procedure at an NHS hospital. Our client criticised the Anaesthetist, in that, despite the procedure being carried out under x-ray-guidance, he injected her in the wrong place, causing her traumatic symptoms.

Because the appointment was made via the NHS ‘Choose and Book’ system, the claim had to be pursued against the NHS Commissioning Group.

Liability was denied and court proceedings were issued. We were able to settle the claim without the need to go to Trial.

S J Edney Solicitors obtained compensation of £7,000 for this client in 2016