This is a case which we took over from another firm of solicitors who had advised our client and his parents that he did not have a claim against the Defendant. Briefly, our client (who is now aged 19) suffered very severe injuries in a road traffic accident on the 13 March 1999 when he was knocked over by a car. He was only 10 at the time. These injuries included a severe brain injury which has resulted in long term cognitive impairment.

Liability was initially disputed by the Defendant’s insurers but after issuing proceedings they eventually agreed liability at 1/3 of his damages. This was because there was a very high risk if his case proceeded to Trial he would be unsuccessful with his claim. This apportionment on liability was approved by the Court in 2002.

Fortunately, our client made a remarkable recovery from his injury surprising everyone especially his treating doctors. He will, however, always suffer from a constellation of problems typical of a head injury, particularly loss of concentration and memory and some behavioural problems. Nevertheless, he is reasonably independent and is currently working and has good employment prospects.

Overall we agreed a settlement figure of £1.5m which left him with a net settlement of £0.5m. This settlement was approved by the Court in Summer 2008.

Our client is a delightful young man and was lucky to have the support of his devoted parents. He is a good example of how someone with an acquired brain injury can rebuilt their life and find work in a rewarding and stimulating field.

SJ Edney solicitors obtained £0.5million pounds for this client in 2008