We acted for a woman (aged 54) who lived in Oxford and was unhappy with plastic surgery performed on her face by a doctor at a private clinic in London during April 2005. She had agreed to a part face lift; during the course of this procedure, she suffered nerve damage and scarring. It was our case that:

  1. the pre-operative counselling with our client had been grossly inadequate;
  2. had she been given proper warnings and counselling, she would not have proceeded with the cosmetic surgery as would have been very little medical benefit, and
  3. one of her nerves had been damaged during the surgery and the doctor had failed to recognise this or take steps to try and remedy the damage.

The good news was that with corrective surgery, the prognosis for our client making a complete (or almost complete) recovery were good. The difficulty in this case was that the doctor in question had retired shortly after this procedure and had proved to be very elusive. He had, in fact, moved to America without leaving any forwarding address.

We spent some time trying to obtain his current whereabouts and making contact with his Medical Defence Union. Fortunately, our efforts were successful and, shortly after issuing proceedings at Court, we were able to settle our client’s claim.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £17,500 for this client during 2009