We acted for a young woman (only aged 17 at the time of her accident) who was involved in a road traffic accident during August 2010. She was driving her car in Oxford and as she attempted to exit a roundabout, another vehicle collided into hers, causing her to come off the road and hit a lamppost. Unfortunately, she fractured her right collarbone, sustained severe bruising through her body and also developed psychological symptoms.

The insurers of the other driver (who was a foreign national) initially argued that our client was 50% to blame for the collision. We disagreed and after further correspondence, they agreed to indemnify her in full. We then had a further dispute on the value of her claim. They disputed a number of items and in particular the cost of some private treatment recommended by our psychologist. They maintained that she should have this treatment on the NHS. Their initial offer of settlement was £4,000 which was less than half our own valuation. We therefore had to issue proceedings on her behalf at Oxford County Court and shortly before this matter was listed for trial, we were able to reach a satisfactory settlement.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £9,900 for this client during 2013