In November 2014, our client (who was aged 54) was cycling to work when she was involved in a collision with a car, which pulled across her path. The accident was the fault of the car driver. She was thrown across the bonnet and her left knee suffered a nasty injury, having been trapped.

She was taken to hospital where a fracture of the tibial plateau was identified. She underwent surgery (open reduction and internal fixation). The injuries were sufficiently serious for her to spend one week in hospital. She needed to wear a cast for 6 weeks during which time she had to avoid weight-bearing.

She was then advised to partial weight-bear for a further 4 weeks. Once she was back to full weight-bearing, she did not require any more care. She continued as an outpatient at the hospital for another 6 months following the accident.

Our client proceeded to make a good recovery from her injury but has been left with some residual symptoms. It is likely that she will require a knee replacement at some time in the future. Her out of pocket expenses arising from the accident including loss of earnings were minimal.

Although, the insurers of the driver did not formally admit liability, various offers were made between the parties to try to settle this case without the need to issue proceedings. Eventually we were able to agree upon a settlement.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £35,000.00 for this client during 2017