We acted for a young lady (aged 14) who during September 2007 was attempting to cross a pedestrian crossing in Swindon whilst going to school. She was then knocked over by a Thamesdown Transport bus which caused her to be thrown onto a nearby lamppost. She sustained a number of serious injuries including a fractured left clavicle and an injury to her left kidney. She was admitted to the children’s unit at Great Western Hospital where she stayed as a patient for about 10 days. During this period, she required surgery on her left kidney. Fortunately, she made a very good recovery from her injuries and the risk of any further trouble with her kidney in the future is very small (1 to 3% lifetime risk). Initially, the insurers of the bus company disputed liability but after providing them with a copy of the Police Accident report, they accepted that their insured’s driver was entirely to blame for the collision. They then put forward an offer of only £10,000 in settlement of our client’s claim which we rejected. As a consequence of this very low offer, we issued proceedings and shortly after they instructed solicitors to act for them, a satisfactory settlement was negotiated on our client’s behalf as described below:-

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity £25,000
  • Her family’s out of pocket expenses £ 4,250

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £29,250 for this client during 2010