One of our clients (aged 52 at the time) purchased some ankle boots from a shoe shop in the outlet village in Swindon during November 2008. During December 2008, whilst she was out shopping wearing her new ankle boots, she slipped and fell due to a defect in one of the heels (it had not been properly secured to the boot making it unstable), which caused her to fall to the ground and fracture her left wrist. She was then off work for about 7 weeks but did not suffer a loss of earnings.

She tried to deal with this claim herself but found she was making very little progress with it. Once she instructed our firm, we arranged for her to have some additional medical treatment, which included a steroid injection which cleared up most of her ongoing symptoms.

The insurers of the shoe shop accepted liability for her accident but declined to make a sensible offer of compensation. We therefore had no option but to issue proceedings and, shortly afterwards, we were able to settle our client’s claim.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £10,000 for this client during 2012