Our client, a lady in her mid-20’s, was wrongly prescribed the drug Trimethoprim by her GP for a urine infection during pregnancy.

It was not until she was a few days into her course of the antibiotic that the mistake was realised. For the remainder of her pregnancy, our client had to undergo additional ultrasound scans to check that her baby had not been harmed by the mistake. This caused our client a great deal of anxiety and distress throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. Fortunately, our client’s baby was delivered safe and well at full term.

Whilst the GP accepted that the medication ought not to have been prescribed, they disputed that any compensation was due to our Client as she had not suffered any injury. Our Client’s position was that the distress and anxiety, coupled with the need for additional ultrasound scans, led to an award of compensation being reasonable.

Settlement in this case was reached without the need to commence court proceedings.

S J Edney Solicitors obtained compensation of £3,500 for this Client in 2016