Pressure sores/ulcers due to neglect by a care home

We have been acting for the family of the deceased (aged 66) who were unhappy with treatment which he received from a Care Home in London from December 2018 to June 2019. Briefly, the deceased had been discharged to the Care Home from hospital during December 2018 following back surgery. He had earl [...]

28th April 2021|

Pressure sore negligence claims – S.J. Edney case study

Pressure sores and ulcers due to neglect We have been acting for the family of an elderly lady (aged 87) who sadly died in hospital during January 2017 as a result of sepsis and osteomyelitis. At the material time, she was a widow (suffering from dementia) and had been supported intermittently by SE [...]

30th September 2020|

Failing to look after our older people

It is a great shame that VE day on Friday, 8 May 2020, was hijacked by the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a number of street parties and celebrations being cancelled – all of us appreciate the sacrifices this generation made during WW2. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affects this ge [...]

13th May 2020|

Rare Neglect Verdict at Inquest & Medical Negligence Claim

S J Edney solicitors were instructed to represent the family of an elderly lady (‘H’) who was in her 80’s, in connection with an Inquest after her death and subsequent clinical negligence claim. H had an enterocutaneous abdominal fistula secondary to earlier laparotomy surgeries.

6th January 2020|

Poor SEQOL nursing care causes infected pressure sore

We have been acting for a delightful client (now aged 71) who was unhappy with treatment which she received from SEQOL in Swindon during February 2016. Briefly, she had been admitted to hospital following an earlier fall. She was then discharged to her home and cared for by nurses employed by SEQOL. [...]

17th April 2018|

Pressure sores caused by neglect in a nursing home, £5,000 settlement

Briefly, we have been acting for the family of a client (who was 88) who had been a resident at a Nursing Home in Swindon for about 5 years prior to her death – she suffered from vascular dementia so was vulnerable and at high risk of developing pressure sores. She was also high in the risk of malnu [...]

12th October 2016|

Scalding injury £4,000

We acted for a delightful lady (aged 86) who suffered a scalding injury at her home in Swindon during September 2009. On the day in question, she was receiving care from an employee of a care agency. This employee filled two hot water bottles and placed them behind our client’s back to make her more [...]

25th February 2012|

Pressure sores £15,000

We acted for a delightful man (aged 82) who had been admitted to Salisbury District Hospital during December 2008, following a massive stroke. He was a patient in their stroke ward and was eventually discharged by the hospital in March 2009. A skin inspection had been undertaken on his admission whi [...]

25th February 2010|

Patient allowed to develop a pressure sore at hospital £20,000

One of our clients (who was aged 63 at the time) was admitted to the Great Western Hospital in Swindon during August 2007 with a complaint of progressive abdominal swelling caused by his underlying heart condition. Various investigations were carried out by the hospital which included a rectal biops [...]

25th February 2009|

Nursing home disputed liability over serious pressure sore £11,000

We acted for the husband of a client who suffered from Alzheimers (both of whom were pensioners). Whilst in a Nursing Home, she developed a very serious pressure sore on her back, requiring treatment at hospital. This could have been avoided with proper nursing care. The insurers of the Nursing Home [...]

25th February 2006|
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