Compensation for hip fracture sustained after accident in supermarket

We have been acting for a client (aged 64) in connection with a personal injury claim against a well-known supermarket arising from an accident at one of their stores during December 2017. Briefly, on the day in question, our client went to her local supermarket to do some shopping. She had picked [...]

28th February 2019|

Slip on a grape in a supermarket causes fractured hip, £30,000

Our client, a 63-year-old lady, was shopping in her local Asda supermarket when, in the fruit and vegetable aisle, she slipped on a grape. This caused her to fall to the floor, fracturing her hip. She was rushed to hospital, where she underwent hip replacement surgery. At the time of settlement she [...]

2nd March 2016|

Multiple injuries from slip on steps to bingo hall £5,000

Our elderly client (aged 89) was attending her local Bingo hall and as she was walking up the tiled step, her walking stick slipped on the wet surface causing her to fall. She injured her right knee and sustained bad facial bruising and a minor head injury. Liability was initially denied by the defe [...]

2nd March 2015|

Wrist fracture in hospital hydrotherapy pool changing room £11,900

We represented a 68 year old lady, who suffered a fall whilst visiting the hydrotherapy pool of a Hospital for treatment of her arthritis. Whilst showering after her treatment, she slipped on a wooden duckboard and fell, fracturing her wrist. The Hospital tried to blame their estates management comp [...]

2nd March 2014|

Accident abroad £180,000

One of our clients (aged 51 at the time) was involved in an accident whilst on holiday in Ibiza, Spain during 2005. Briefly, during September 2005 she, her daughter and grandson went on a short holiday. At one point, in order to use one of the toilets at the hotel premises, she had to walk down a fl [...]

1st March 2013|

Accident at a wedding reception £9,000

We acted for a woman (aged 62) who was attending her stepdaughter’s wedding at a hotel in Gloucester during February 2009. During the evening reception, she slipped on some food which had fallen on a highly polished floor, causing her to lose her balance and fall over and fracture her right dominant [...]

2nd March 2012|

Accident at Tesco £2,250

We acted for an elderly gentlemen (aged 86) who during October 2010 was shopping at a Tesco store in Swindon. As he was picking up some fruit in one of aisles, one of his feet got caught on a dangerous green safety mat on the floor, causing him to fall over and dislocate his left little finger. Fort [...]

2nd March 2012|

Accident at Public House £10,000

We acted for a client (aged 69) who had an accident at a public house in Witney, Oxon during February 2011. She stepped out of a toilet cubicle and fell down a step of around 6 – 8 inches which was immediately outside the cubicle. She banged her head on the exit door and broke her left humerus. It w [...]

2nd March 2012|

Accident whilst on holiday abroad £4,500

We acted for the parents of a young girl who was only aged 6 at the time of her accident. Briefly, during March 2010, her parents had booked a holiday with Thomas Cook staying at a resort in Turkey. The contract provided for both flights and accommodation thus triggering the Package Holidays & P [...]

2nd March 2011|
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