The dangers of meningitis

Seamus Edney at S J Edney Solicitors is acting for the parents of Master Elliott Morley (now aged 8) in connection with a claim for clinical negligence against Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust arising from treatment which he received at Great Western Hospital on the 28 June 2014 when he [...]

28th August 2020|

Wrist fracture in hospital hydrotherapy pool changing room £11,900

We represented a 68 year old lady, who suffered a fall whilst visiting the hydrotherapy pool of a Hospital for treatment of her arthritis. Whilst showering after her treatment, she slipped on a wooden duckboard and fell, fracturing her wrist. The Hospital tried to blame their estates management comp [...]

2nd March 2014|

Brain haemorrhage caused by car accident £76,000

We acted for a lady (aged 42) who suffered a brain haemorrhage following a relatively minor car accident. Whilst she was able to walk away from the scene of the accident, later that evening she developed a severe (‘thunderclap’ ) headache and began vomitting. Following assessment at hospital, she wa [...]

1st March 2014|

Fractures to all four limbs from road traffic accident £150,000

We acted for a client (now aged 42) who was involved in a serious road traffic accident during November 2012. He was driving on the road close to his home in Cheltenham when he was struck head-on by another car, which was travelling in the wrong lane around a bend. The other driver was subsequently [...]

1st March 2014|

Soft tissue injuries to wrist and hip following fall at work £8,000

We represented a 30-year-old supermarket worker who slipped on egg white which had been spilt on the floor of her workplace. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her wrist and hip. As a result of the accident, she required physiotherapy and was unable to work overtime for some months. She also need [...]

28th February 2014|

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following assault at work £9,500

Our client, a 29-year-old care worker, was physically assaulted by a service user whilst at work. As a result of the assault, she developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and required Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She also had to seek alternative work, outside the care industry, whilst her initial [...]

28th February 2014|

Back injury at work causes disabling pain £70,000

We acted for a client (now aged 46) employed by a company in Ledbury, Glos as a printer. During January 2013, he was attempting to replace one of the sleeves on a printing press when it became jammed and, whilst attempting to remove it, he sustained a soft tissue injury to his lower back. He was lef [...]

25th February 2014|

Sash window severs tip of finger at work £10,360

Our Client (aged 33) was working as a contractor, painting in a school. A sash window he was painting shut on his fingers, severing a small section of the top of his right middle finger. As a result of his injury, he found it difficult to play his guitar and required silicone tips for use when doing [...]

25th February 2014|

Delivery driver hit by falling metal plate in lift £2,900

One of our clients (aged 38) was employed in Swindon as a delivery driver for a local furniture company. During January 2012, he visited a block of flats in Swindon to deliver a sofa to a customer. To do so, he had to travel in a lift from the ground floor to the lower ground floor. As the lift door [...]

25th February 2014|

Minor head injuries following accident in own garage £6,000

We represented a 48-year-old lady who was injured when the door of a garage she was renting fell on her head. She sustained soft tissue injuries to the top of her head and went on to develop intense severe headaches and a stiff neck as a result of the injury. At the time of settlements she had fully [...]

25th February 2014|
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